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Front Page Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search of a product?

You can search for a product in many ways
1. You can navigate through the categories offered in the main menu at the home page.
2. You can type the code of the product in the searching tool which is located on the top of page.
3. You can use the offered filters, that restrict the preview of the products on those which are you interested in.

How do I make an order?

At the time you find your wanted item you should choose the suitable size and color. Then you click on the “Buy it” bottom. You can click on your shopping card ,which is located on the top of your page, in order to preview your order. Follow the step on by one and fill in your personal information on the form. You should provide all the needed data that is marked with star (*) otherwise you cannot complete your order. Choose the payment and delivery method that you prefer. For European and international orders you should pay only with credit card. In the next step you could review your order for last time and also add some notes if you want so. Click on “complete order” and finish your order. The order’s number is provided on the last step of the procedure. On this step you can also print your order.

How can I know if my order is complete?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail on the e-mail address that you have provided on the customer’s form before the purchase. That mail will include the number of the order and the detailed description of the purchased products. That is the confirmation that your order is completed and you cart have been charged. If you did not provide an e-mail address and have doubt if your order is completed feel free to call on the customer service department +302310 530338 from Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 or mail us with your questions on [email protected] .

How can I know when my order will be sent?

When your order will be sent , you will receive an informative e-mail that includes the tracking number of your order and all the necessary contact details that you may need. If you did not provide an email address when you made your order is not possible to receive this e-mail. In any case that you need tracking information about your order please feel free to contact us on +30 2310 530.338.

How can I correct my personal information after I have completed my order?

If you notice that you have inserted wrong or different personal information on your order, please contact on (+30)2310530338 as you provide the number of your order you can ask for any change.

What happen if one product is sold out?

If an item you have ordered is unavailable when we come to pick an dispatch it you will be informed by email that we are unable to ship that item and you will be refunded for that item. We will ship any remaining items that you have ordered.

Can I cancel my order?

A confirmed order cannot be canceled. If you do not want the product anymore, please return it back to the warehouse.

Which are the paying methods?

You can pay by cash on product delivery. This service is available only for residents in Greece. This service is provided for free.
You can pay by any kind of credit card.

Is my transaction safe?

The website www.desiree.gr is used security protocol for transactions with credit card. Every time you choose to purchase with credit card, you are transferred in the secure website of Eurobank. You can understand that you are on secure webpage by noticing the https protocol before the domain name of the page. In this webpage, all personal information like credit card data, name, addresses, is encrypted so that it may not be read or changed while transferred on the Internet.

I would like to purchase with credit card but it is declined by the system. What can I do for this?

There are many reasons why your card is declined. Almost none of them are related with the e-shop operation. Please check again your internet connection; confirm that you have correctly added your data and contact with your personal bank. If after these steps the system still declined you card, them may is the problem related with online bank system. Please try again later to make the transaction or contact us on +302310530338 to offer you other transaction methods.

Can I pick my order for a physical store or warehouse?

Unfortunately, you cannot pick your order from the storage or a physical store or warehouse. Your order will be sent to you with the method that you have selected.

Can the delivery address be different from the payment address?

It is possible to deliver your order in a different address if you have chosen this option during your order. For security reasons must be located in the same country as the billing address.

Can I receive the order on my working address?

It is possible to deliver your order on the working address if it is not P.O. box. If you want your order to reach on the working address please be sure that will be any receiver in that place at this time.
*Please read the company’s policy regarding the delivery and returning on the following link

What is the return procedure for a product?

In case that you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase or the item is not to your taste, you can simply return them within 14 days of dispatch. In case you want to return all of your order, please complete the special Return Form included in the received product's packaging.
You are reminded that when returning a product we must be aware of the invoice number, the product's code as well as your wish for Exchange or Return, so that we may satisfy your request in the most accurate way and as soon as possible.
Note: all items should be returned in their original quality condition and the labels should not have been removed. In case that we notice a non expected default on the item during quality control, will contact you regarding the appropriate procedure.


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