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The Company

Desiree The Company was founded in 1986 in Thessaloniki aiming to operate retail and wholesale women's clothing and accessories . With almost 30 years history in the fashion industry , the Desiree company started by a group of creative people with vision to change the data in the Greek fashion, is today one of the largest women's clothing production and marketing companies in the Greek territory and not only.

Following a steadily rising course , the Desiree is constantly expanding within and outside the Greek borders , expands its network and places increasingly higher targets in areas of fashion and lifestyle. Provides understands and meets the needs of its clients, offering always something new.

With inspiration as a passport and creativity, clothes with Desiree label have conquered th Greek market and extend

to demanding foreign markets with sales in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Russia, USA, Sweden, Germany and Belgium.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be constantly informed about the latest fashion trends, in order to create total looks for every occasion. Checking our raw materials, we improve our production methods, thus ensuring exclusivity of its designs. We maximise the consumer benefits, offering the perfect price - quality ratio and providing impeccable service. We try to predict and understand our customer's needs, offering always something new.

The design of the clothes and also the distribution of goods is done directly from us, without intermediaries ad=nd delays.

In this way we achieve direct supply to our stores with the latest fashion and continuous renewal.


Our Vision

Our philosophy aims to create clothes for the needs of the modern woman , showing all hours of the day femininity and personality.

The Desiree brand consistently fights the standardization and highlights the outfit as a means of free expression of every woman, regardless of age .

We believe in inspiration and creativity in the design, quality, perfect stitching and perfect fit .


Brand-name Desiree

Desiree Fashion has a successful communicational policy in order to enhance its powerful image.

Our company takes advantage of the media and never stops searching for new ways in customer’s communication.

Hence, tries to benefit from social media and to collaborate with stylish well known Greek celebrities, as Maria Iliaki and Maria Mpekatorou .

As a result Desiree has built a strong brand name in the field of fashion all over the country and aboard.


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